I am a native of Yuma I moved to Tempe/Mesa to finish my education in art at ASU and received a Bachelor's degree in sculpture in 1977. I have been living in Yuma since October 2008. I met members of the North End Artist Co-op during on of the installations while taking the Saturday Open Ceramic Class in the United Building.

I found that the members I met were friendly, professional, talented and willing to share art information. This is the kind of art group i have always been involved with in the Phoenix area.

One of the goals I try to achieve with my artwork is to use my story of telling capabilities in written, visual and musical compositions. I use serious humor to share images of my culture, whether it be Mexican-American or Southwestern-American (Arizona) heritage.

I use whatever art media is available at the time of inspiration. much of my material is based on family stories or suburban myths of Arizona. The culture of the Southwest is so different from the rest of the United States. All of us here in Yuma share a culture mixed with multi-cultural elements that help inspire my art work.

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