The most current version of the Co-op bylaws was adopted Aug. 31, 2011. The bylaws are currently under review:

The intent of the North End Artists’ Co-op is to identify, recognize, and promote local artists and provide display and sales space for working artists. Both artists and community members alike will have the opportunity to view and learn about a wide variety of artists, media, culture, and issues that impact the arts locally and throughout the state.

You will find the requirements for participation and application information in the guidelines that follow. Applications should be presented to the current membership at their monthly meeting during their call to artists. NEAC vacancies will be posted on the NEAC website, Applicants will be given an open forum at the beginning of the meeting slated for portfolio review to present their applications and portfolios. Once all potential new members have presented they will be excused and the current members will conduct the remainder of their regular business meeting and will then discuss and vote on the new applicants. A call of artists will only be given when space is available in the co-op. Each applicant must submit a $25 non-refundable application fee at the time of presentation. If not immediately selected for the posted vacancy, the application will remain on file and active for the period of one year. Every applicant must provide a valid email where they can receive notification of their application standing.

The co-op meets at Yuma Art Center, 254 S. Main Street, Yuma, AZ 85364, at 5:30 PM on the first Wednesday of each month, August through June. Vacancies as well as other information can be found at


The North End Artists’ Co-op is dedicated to promoting artists living in Yuma area by providing them the opportunity to display and sell their professional quality, contemporary artworks in a set venue. The co-op is operated by its membership and is a self-sufficient organization.


The hours of operation are Saturday from 11:00am-3:00pm, September through May. A minimum of two co-op members will work each Saturday during the regular operating season. During the shift co-op members are expected to handle sales, create a pleasing interior display in the main gallery of the United, maintain the window displays as well as create work on site so that patrons may observe the artists working. Members are encouraged to bring in additional work to sell during their assigned weekend. Prints, series and complete sets of functional ware can be displayed and sold on these days however should not be displayed for sale in the windows mid-week. Each co-op member is expected to work at least nine shifts per year as well as attend, set up and help host the fall and spring receptions.

Members are expected to process all sales generated through the NEAC through the NEAC treasurer. All prices posted should include the sales tax and should be posted in whole dollars. The treasurer will distribute 75% of the base price as well as the applicable taxes back to the artist and 25% of the base price to the City of Yuma Arts and Cultural Commission for exchange of use of the space at the meeting immediately following the sale. Each member is responsible for paying their sales taxes.

Any member not fulfilling the required number of hours or who does not comply with the co-op guidelines including attendance at regular monthly meetings can be removed by a majority vote of members at any time. The members also reserve the right to periodically jury the quality of work currently on display. If it is not deemed professional quality the member may be asked to remove the work from the window or be asked to resign if it is an ongoing issue.

An annual dues membership of $20 will be assessed every August in order to help cover administrative costs of the cooperative. Failure to pay annual dues by the October meeting terminates your membership in the co-op.

If the membership ever decides to dissolve the cooperative any proceeds generated from dues will be distributed to the current membership at a prorated rate based on length of membership.

Based upon the number of current members and the media and scale of their work, the co-op members will determine the number of pieces each may physically display as well as the number of members they feel the space can handle without becoming overcrowded.

Due to the public venue of the display space artwork that contains genitalia, breasts or disturbing content may not be displayed in the windows. If such content is within the scope of the artist’s work it must be reserved for their portfolio that is available for review during the hours of operation.

In exchange for this space, each artist will donate 25% of each sale, after taxes, to the City of Yuma Arts and Cultural Commission. The commission provides the NEAC with both locking display windows facing Main, the interior main gallery on Saturdays, the utilities and maintenance as well as handling sales when the co-op members are not present. Minimal furnishing and other accommodations, including use of their safe, are also included. The co-op is responsible for providing its own display materials, change bank, maintaining the display windows and for leaving the main gallery in the same if not better fashion than when it was upon entry.


The executive council will be elected each spring for the following season. Only the current members in good standing will be allowed to run for a position and/or vote for the new leadership. The executive council will be comprised of a manager, treasurer, secretary and PR committee.

The manager will handle the seasonal schedule, run the monthly meetings, oversee all executive offices and act as liaison between the co-op and the Yuma Arts and Cultural Commission.

The treasurer will maintain the Excel files that log all of the inventory and sales for the NEAC. At each monthly meeting the treasurer will give a financial report and will disburse proceeds from sales generated since the prior meeting. The prices posted include all applicable sales tax and the sales tax as well as 75% of the base price will be distributed to the artist while 25% of the base price will be paid to the Yuma Arts and Cultural Commission. All checks will be made out to the treasurer so that he/she may cash and distribute the money. The treasurer will also handle all reimbursements for other expenses as approved by the majority of the members and as reflected in the minutes. At the final meeting of each season the treasurer will provide a year end report.

The secretary will take minutes at all official meetings of the NEAC and will distribute them within ten days of the meeting to all current members via email as well as archive the minutes electronically for the organization. The secretary will also handle all other correspondence as deemed necessary by the manager and/or membership.

The PR committee will maintain the website and generate all printed and electronic materials that promote the organization such as press releases, brochures, flyers, business cards, Power Points, etc.

In the advent that one of the executive council cannot meet their responsibilities they may appoint another member to serve in their place for up to one month. If the executive member cannot serve in their slated position for more than a month a new member will be voted to serve the remainder of the term.

Other members may, as needed, be asked to perform other administrative/committee duties for the NEAC.


The Yuma Arts and Cultural Commission will provide marketing for the NEAC via their monthly calendar and email notifications. The NEAC will also be mentioned in their monthly ads placed in The Sun as well as their weekly radio promotions for the Yuma Art Center. The Yuma Arts and Culture Commission also agrees to make copies of promotional material as long as the paper is provided by the NEAC. The city will also provide large, full color posters for promotional purposes as their budget allows. The NEAC manager and/or the PR committee shall approve all promotional materials before distribution. Images of artists and/or artwork shall not be used by the city for promotional material other than for the NEAC unless approved by the artist.


The following must be submitted in person during the call to artists:

* A word-processed cover letter stating the intent of your work, relevant biographical information, experience/education in the arts.
* Contact information including your name, physical address, mailing address, phone number, email and application date.
* Five to ten pieces of your work. Photographs or digital images are acceptable however the co-op prefers to review your work in person. All reproduced images should be labeled with artist, title, media and scale.
* A $25.00 non-refundable application fee.
* Applications remain active for one calendar year from the time of submission.
* All materials will become the property of the NEAC after one year unless they are picked up by the applicant.

Applicants will only be allowed to present their portfolios when there is a call to artists posted on the NEAC website. All applicants are expected to present their portfolios and application material in person.
North End Artists’ Co-op (NEAC) By-Laws


Our Founding
In the fall of 2005 a small group of Yuma area artists were assembled by Roberta Ukura and Pam Dusek of the City of Yuma to discuss the possibility of starting a artists’ cooperative in the south end of the Yuma Art Center. Over the course of several months the original group continued to meet, some new members joined as others decided that this new “thing” wasn’t for them. By December of that year the group had written their by laws and were ready to open in January. Deb Perius was the inaugural treasurer and Cortni Sinz the manager. During that first year they dealt with the infamous opening of Main Street, a project that was supposed to last one summer and ended up lasting almost a year, but despite the construction mayhem and a lack of advertising budget sales continued to grow throughout the year.

Our Artists
We currently have fifteen active members of the North End Artists’ Co-op. We have two jewelers, one glass artist, three painters, one pen and ink, one mixed media artist and seven ceramicists.

Application Processing
Membership is open to any artist residing within the Yuma area.

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